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Jean Kinsella is a French artist who, prior to painting, has been working for twenty five years in the film industry. 

Drawing and painting were other forms of creativity and storytelling that always stimulated his interest. After spending hours of pre-production drawing storyboards for his films projects and creating four paintings for his film "Fractals", he felt compelled to explore his creative ideas on paper and canvas furthermore.

That's how he began exploring the world of portrait through oil painting and charcoal drawing techniques.

He followed the masterclasses of New York based artist Casey Baugh as well as French portraitist Florent Fargès. He was also a student at Barnsdall Art Center in Los Angeles.

In 2022, he received a certificate of recognition from the Ukrainian Art Center of Los Angeles and a Commendation from the County of Los Angeles for his support of the Ukrainian people. His portrait "Ukrainia" was offered to a charity auction for peace in Ukraine.

From anonymous faces to historical figures, his subjects are always

telling stories of resilience and social, humanistic commitment.